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We are a full service bowling proshop able to meet any needs required by bowlers of all skill level.

We carry the latest bowling equipment, new bowling balls, bowling bags, bowling shoes and accessories featuring Brunswick, DV8, Radical, Dexter, ultimate bowling accessories, turbo grips and so much more.

Our professional staff measure you to a perfect fit and drill balls while you wait, and we offer fast service and quick turn-around time on all new ball drilling. We are fully stocked with the latest and greatest of all brand products that we work with. We offer options to fit everyone’s budget.

The two locations we operate are open all year except public holidays. Serving Toronto Ontario the GTA and Northern Ontario.

When you’re in the Toronto or Northern Ontario region stop in and see us at our Woodbridge or Brampton bowling proshops. With our extensive product line between our two locations we have something to suit every bowler.

Our bowling Proshop Services include:
  • Finger/Thumb Inserts: Installation, extraction, re-drills and replace
  • Interchanging Sleeves – (Turbo, ultimate and Vise) Drill and install; manufacture new thumb sleeve
  • Blank Ball Drilling: Urethane, Reactive, Plastic, Pro Models including Mass Bias
  • Surface Alterations: Re-Tack Grips, Clean, Sand, Polish, Re-surface
  • Plugging, Re-Drilling: Plug existing hole, with/without re-drilling, includes mass bias balls
  • Anything else you need just ask! We should be able to help you out.

We look forward to meeting you when you bowl in the GTA.

Brampton Bowling Proshop

Woodbridge Bowling Proshop